Wednesday, April 20, 2011

America's Best Vacations! Where are the RV's?

As I read the Boston Sunday Globe this past weekend I noticed an insert titled; America's Best Vacations. Perhaps you also received this publication in your Sunday newspaper.

This insert is published by Collinson Media of Norcross, GA and according to their web site, they print four regional editions of this insert and it is distributed to a circulation of more than 2.8 million top-tier newspapers across the nation. They also provide a direct mail component to an additional 1.3 million households.

What amazed me about the publication in our region was that there was not a single advertisement relating to the RV industry. There were no Go RVing ads that could have reached over four million people who might be interested in taking a vacation this summer. None of these people saw anything even remotely related to our industry and the wonderful vacation experiences we can offer to these people.

I sent an email inquiry through the publishers web site asking a few questions to help me provide back-up information for this blog post. I had asked them if their advertising department had reached out to the Go RVing campaign to get some of the $11 million dollars the RV industry is going to spend on promoting the benefits of RVing this year on the Internet, print publications and radio and television.

I also asked them if their advertising department reached out to any regional RV dealers that provide RV rentals for vacations or if they had reached out to the national RV rental companies such as Cruise America, El Monte RV, or Bates International.

I simply wanted to know why the company didn't think RV's should be in their vacation publications that would be read by over four million people!

I was absolutely stunned at the response that I received from this media company. In a terse response to my simple request they said:

Hi Bob,

Thank you for reaching out. We are glad you enjoyed America's Best Vacations, but we are going to pass on commenting for your article.

Have a great day.

Thank you,
Collinson Media

Seems rather cold to me and almost makes one think this company doesn't consider our industry and our consumers worthy of any attention whatsoever and they did not want to be part of this discussion.

I have not reached out to the Go RVing committee or the agency handling their media buys but hope they may also respond here to see if this publication was considered as a possible investment to reach four million people that might not know a lot about RV's, RV vacations, RV rentals and the pleasure they bring to RVers - millions of them!

The industry must attract new people to the lifestyle and they must get outside their comfort zone to reach the unknowing masses that would probably enjoy RVing if we would just tell them what it's all about.

Perhaps next year this media company will open their eyes to the many potential advertisers that could be buying space in their publications!

Were you among the four million readers that saw this publication?

Did you pick up on the fact that there were no RVs mentioned?

Do you think they should have been presented as an alternative to the other types of vacation destinations presented in America's Best Vacations?


  1. They probabley promote mostly Hotel and Motels
    in their promotions and get well paid for their services to do so. Someone should do the same for the R.Vers. I love to travel in my Motorhome and sleep in my own bed.

  2. I sent this email to It might be a good idea if anyone reading this article did the same.


    Here is my email"

    As far as I am concerned, your article left a LOT to be desired. What is wrong with the
    RV traveler that you did not even mention us? Do you not think the 4 million RV'ers would
    have been interested in your article? I guess that you were not interested in part of the 11
    million dollars in ad money the RV industry spends each year.

    I think you missed the boat bigtime.

    When you got an email from Bob Zagami who writes for RV Travel Newsletter, which has a
    very large readership, you sent him the following response:

    "Thank you for reaching out. We are glad you enjoyed America's Best Vacations, but we are
    going to pass on commenting for your article.

    "Have a great day.

    "Thank you, Collinson Media"

    Shame on you and your company, Collinson Media. You are, apparently, not willing to
    address an issue of a large segment of this country who RV.

    It is a shame you appear to be so small minded.

  3. I know MY best vacations have been RV vacations. Yes, I think they should have presented the wonderful side of RVing; BUT, if they did, then lot's of people would realize what they've been missing, decide to take RV vacations, and then compete with me for my favoritie camping spots!

  4. Bob,

    In every cloud, there is a silver lining.


  5. Some are misguided greeners. They do not approve of our RV's, trailers and 5th wheels. They do not know, we use less energy than a stick and brick house!

  6. Would a simple mention of RVs have hurt them? Probably not. Definitely some problems in their PR department.


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